What's Your Twin Flame Truth?

Explore Twin Flames and the Sacred Union Path of Ascension in one comprehensive channeling!

There's more than one way up a mountain. Similarly, there's more than one way to become activated to your ascension journey. For those who have met a catalyst connection, known as a Twin Flame or sacred partner, this relationship is at the forefront of your spiritual journey home to yourself. 

These divine partnerships, also commonly referred to as counterpart connections, are sacred relationships that propel us on our spiritual path towards inner healing and soul growth, personal empowerment and self-honoring, and understanding unconditional love in the realm of unity consciousness. 

Curated from hundreds of sacred channelings and in-depth intuitive energy readings on our YouTube channels, in conjunction with years of our own firsthand experiences, Twin Flame Truths includes extensive knowledge and experience about the nature of Twin Flames/sacred partners and the sacred union path of ascension while encouraging grounded spirituality and higher-heart expansion.

In This Course

Dive deep into ascension relationships and spiritual partnerships!

    1. Twin Flame Truths Introduction

    2. All About Soul Connections

    3. Exploring Masculine & Feminine Energies

    4. Sacred Chakras & Twin Flames

    5. Twin Flames & Ascension Activation

    6. Understanding Higher-Level Purpose

    7. Twin Flames Signs & Syncs

    8. The Sacred Union Path of Ascension

    9. Separation & Reunion

    10. The Process of Sacred Union

    11. Understanding Separation

    12. Karmic Relationships

    13. Twin Flame Soul Mission

    1. Bonus: Angel Aura Energy Healing - Clearing Separation & Embracing Unity Consciousness

    2. Bonus: Alchemy of Love Twin Flame Journal/Workbook

It's all in the details...

  • $44.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Bonus: Angel Aura Healing
  • Bonus: Twin Flame Workbook

Bonus Content

In addition to full access to Twin Flame Truths, you'll also get:

  • Angel Aura Energy Healing

    Ready to level up? Don't miss the collective Angel Aura Energy Healing to help clear the illusion of separation and embody unity consciousness, channeled exclusively for Twin Flame Truths.

  • Twin Flame Workbook

    Can you look past the mirror? Navigate your side of the connection with deeper reflection in this free digital download of our Twin Flame Journal/Workbook, Alchemy of Love.

Meet Susan

Susan is an author, holistic spiritual mentor, tarot reader, and energy practitioner specializing in soul connections and the ascension journey. As a natural psychic intuitive, she serves as an intermediary to bring through guidance messages and healing activations for union with yourself, others, and the Universe by nurturing your personal empowerment and encouraging connection to your creative magic. Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections is a sacred space for your soul growth journey and the home of Angel Aura Energy Healing and Tarot in Translation! Bridging spiritual understanding with real, human application, we offer everything you need to connect to your divinity within.