Ready to Claim Your Personal Power?

Explore the core wounding surrounding self-worth to rediscover your innate courage and confidence!

The Healing & Harmony Series from Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections provides messages for awareness and understanding around common core wounds/keywords to help activate your healing and bring you into greater soul resonance.

 Each channeling and reading also includes an audio Angel Aura Energy Healing and Light Language Transmission to help facilitate your healing journey. This series is perfect for those just beginning to walk their awakening/ascension path or for those who want to dive deeper with their soul growth work.


In Healing & Harmony - Courage & Confidence, we're looking at messages for claiming your personal power. Courage and confidence stem directly from an internal sense of self-worth; however, when we're in our unconscious or wounded state, our self-worth may plummet due to a variety of influences and experiences which affects how we view and present ourselves. This lack of confidence then leads to a breakdown of courage in which we find it difficult to trust in ourselves or take direct action for the betterment of our lives. In this session, we're exploring the core wounding surrounding self-worth while highlighting our innate courage and confidence for greater healing.


An audio Angel Aura Energy Healing and Light Language Transmission is available at the end of this session as additional healing and guidance.

In This Activation

Oracle Reading & Channeling

    1. Healing & Harmony - Courage and Confidence Oracle Reading & Channeling

    2. Healing & Harmony: Courage and Confidence Angel Aura Energy Healing Activation

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  • $11.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Angel Aura Healing

Meet Susan

Susan is an author, holistic spiritual mentor, tarot reader, and energy practitioner specializing in soul connections and the ascension journey. As a natural psychic intuitive, she serves as an intermediary to bring through guidance messages and healing activations for union with yourself, others, and the Universe by nurturing your personal empowerment and encouraging connection to your creative magic. Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections is a sacred space for your soul growth journey and the home of Angel Aura Energy Healing and Tarot in Translation! Bridging spiritual understanding with real, human application, we offer everything you need to connect to your divinity within.