Journey to the Lemurian Meadows

Connect with this ancient civilization of light for guidance on your personal ascension!

Lemuria is proposed to have existed before Atlantean times as part of an advanced Edenic civilization. All of life thrived in harmony as this highly-intelligent and peaceful civilization was deeply connected to and reverent of the natural world they were a part of. Similar to Atlantis, it’s said that a catalyzing event, thought to be a great flood, brought about the devastation of Lemuria. Now a high-dimensional energetic realm of light, Lemurians help to support our Earth’s ascension through healing, heart expansion, and spiritual evolution. Many on this planet will remember physical incarnations with the Lemurians, and you may connect now with their spiritual knowledge and loving guidance in support of your personal ascension.


My own experience with Lemuria came through first in consistent downloads, visions, and feelings of high-vibrational love and support that assisted me on my own soul growth journey. During meditation one day, I was brought to a meadow and reunited with this past aspect of myself and my beloved during the catastrophic event that led to the destruction and dimensional-ascension of Lemuria.


In this guided meditation, we will journey back to the Lemurian meadows where you will connect with this ancient civilization of light.

Duration: 20 minutes

Guided Meditation

    1. Guided Meditation - The Lemurian Meadow

    2. Guided Meditation - The Lemurian Meadow (Audio Download)

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Meet Susan

Susan is an author, holistic spiritual mentor, tarot reader, and energy practitioner specializing in soul connections and the ascension journey. As a natural psychic intuitive, she serves as an intermediary to bring through guidance messages and healing activations for union with yourself, others, and the Universe by nurturing your personal empowerment and encouraging connection to your creative magic. Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections is a sacred space for your soul growth journey and the home of Angel Aura Energy Healing and Tarot in Translation! Bridging spiritual understanding with real, human application, we offer everything you need to connect to your divinity within.