Light Codes For Your Soul's Expansion

Align the seven chakras and reach your highest vibrational frequency!

This is truly one of the most powerful channelings I've ever personally experienced, with light codes, direct channelings, and dragon energy coming in to help you anchor in the rainbow matrix and reach your highest vibrational frequency.


In this full series, we go through the seven main chakras beginning with the base or root chakra to clear and align any blockages while bringing forth new light codes to assist in your soul's expansion.


• Root Chakra: Clearing the root chakra to anchor in an energy of foundation and sense of belonging on the Earth plane. Bringing you back to your physical body with the help of Mother Gaia.


• Sacral Chakra: Clearing out the sacral chakra and trauma templates or conditioning associated with sexuality and creative manifestation. Feminine and Masculine energy coming into balance within the sacral chakra as the seat of union within the creative life force energy. Assisted by Mother Mary and Joseph.


• Solar Plexus Chakra: Clearing the solar plexus with the help of the Lion's Gate energy. Bringing in light codes to help you trust your intuition and honor your sacred path without fear. Strengthening your connection to God Source. 


• Heart Chakra: Direct channeled message of love and unity from God Source. Clearing of interference of lower-vibrational energies causing doubt and negative energy. Protection energy coming in blocking and dispeling any interference between you and your connection to God. Bringing through a funnel of protective light anchoring you back into your faith and connection with God Source.


• Throat Chakra: Clearing persecution energy wherein your truth was suppressed or you were unable to share or express your true authentic self. Light codes helping you to stand in your power without diverting from your connection to your sacred path and God Source energy and how you embody and express this truth to the world. Your soul song rising to be heard.


• Third Eye Chakra: Clearing the veil of illusions over your third-eye keeping you from seeing the truth and the higher consciousness energy of love. Aligning you to the middle way by releasing yourself of false perceptions and illusions that prevent you from walking your sacred path. With your willingness, a further opening of your clair-abilities and gifts. Assisted by dragon energy.


• Crown Chakra: Adjusting your frequency to help you connect more deeply and clearly to your higher self and God Source energy. Anchoring the connection more firmly in and aligning with your other chakras to remain consistently and clearly connected to spiritual templates within the physical plane. Bringing back any multi-dimensional aspects that had been fragmented to bring you into wholeness. Assisted by dragon energy.

Light Language has no direct translation, as it's pure energy. Allow the words, sounds, and vibration to move through you. Release the egoic mind that attempts to analyze and translate and let your soul carry the sounds through your energetic body. 

This is a timeless transmission that can be received as many times as needed. Please be sure to stay well-hydrated for 24-48 hours after receiving this transmission and rest as needed. The effects of this transmission may be felt over the course of several days.

Light Language Transmission

    1. Light Language Transmission - Chakra Alignment Series (Full Series)

    2. Chakra Alignment Series - Root Chakra

    3. Chakra Alignment Series - Sacral Chakra

    4. Chakra Alignment Series - Solar Plexus Chakra

    5. Chakra Alignment Series - Heart Chakra

    6. Chakra Alignment Series - Throat Chakra

    7. Chakra Alignment Series - Third Eye Chakra

    8. Chakra Alignment Series - Crown Chakra

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Meet Susan

Susan is an author, holistic spiritual mentor, tarot reader, and energy practitioner specializing in soul connections and the ascension journey. As a natural psychic intuitive, she serves as an intermediary to bring through guidance messages and healing activations for union with yourself, others, and the Universe by nurturing your personal empowerment and encouraging connection to your creative magic. Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections is a sacred space for your soul growth journey and the home of Angel Aura Energy Healing and Tarot in Translation! Bridging spiritual understanding with real, human application, we offer everything you need to connect to your divinity within.